About LocallyDone

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Who offers delivery in your neighborhood?


We aim to create a space that allows any business to make its delivery services known to potential customers while encouraging those potential customers to support local businesses.  


Locally Done is a nationwide online service that helps you identify ANY business in your area that offers delivery.  Whether it’s food, dry cleaning, flowers, wine and spirits, etc. You can simply enter your zip code and see what’s available.  The service is completely free and easy to use.


We realize other services like this exist, but the difference between other services and LocallyDone is that we are more vendor friendly.  Every other delivery aggregating service charges vendors 20% of all transactions as a fee! We don’t think this was a fair price, so we decided to offer a more vendor friendly service that charges a 10% fee.  So vendors/store owners pay less to have their service advertised.  We hope that our lower vendor fee incentivises more vendors to use LocallyDone which will attract more customers to the site as well.  


LocallyDone.com was established in 2017 and is still in the beginning stage of development.  We plan on adding as many vendors as possible in the years to come in order to have the most user friendly delivery service aggregator, as well as support local businesses to the fullest extent.  Our vision is to create a space that links local businesses to shoppers which should help both.